Kannaway is Growing Fast!

Kannaway Products

The Kannaway products are here and I love all of them and have personally used all of them.

1. Kannaway Packs which start from $99 up to $999. These packs start with the $99 pack that has 3 items all the way up to the $999 pack which contains all products.

2. Kannactiv is a skin care line with the following:

  • Activate which is the gentle scrub to wipe away dirt, oil and dry, dead skin cells that are on your skin daily.
  • Balance is their nutrient-rich, alcohol free toner with a natural astringent.
  • Clarify is their light moisturizer that hydrates/protects skin cells.

3. Revive Pro which are the oral applicators.

4. Defined Transformation Products – these are all skin care products as well.

5. Travel Salve Packets

6. Kannakick Products – chocolate flavored gum and available in all different flavors as well.

7. Hempvap Hookahs

8. Revive Detox Capsules

9. And much more.

Kannaway Compensation Plan

So now we are in the money-making side of Kannaway.

Well, I have a problem with this side and it’s not the products as I’ve stated above, for I actually use them myself! Love um actually…

The entire MLM industry in itself, is not of the highest integrity in my eyes.

Think about it. The ‘only’ way an MLM distributor can make money is to bring in new members constantly. And also to keep them as a member because that’s where your money comes to you, by members underneath you continuing to buy the products and keep selling them.

It’s a cycle that has to keep moving or all incomes stop.

So, bottom line, can you make money with Kannaway?

Yes, you can.

Is it sustainable for years to come?


Do you want a sustainable online business? Do you want an online business that does not require selling to every human being? Do you want to be able to make passive income month after month after working on that particular deal just one time?

Then follow your dream and start a business today!